Sustainable Responsibility

Here at Ed Perkin, we strongly recognise the need for sustainable responsibility in the way we operate and strive in all areas to improve our modes of working. All our orders are shipped in either cardboard boxes or recycled plastic, and we strongly encourage you to continue to recycle these materials when disposing of them. 

With over 80 billion garments being produced each year (1) and the average piece of clothing lasting only about 3 years (2), it is clear that the world has too many clothes. Thinking nationally, Britain generates about 1.12 million tons of textile waste each year and one in five of us admit to throwing away a garment after a single wear (2). This simply isn’t good enough.

We work with a global network of suppliers to collect and sort these products that have been discarded, some that need minor repairs or replacement zips but many with no flaws at all. 57% of all discarded clothing ends up in landfill (3) but with your help, we’re determined to reduce this number. 






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