About Us

Founded in 2017 and grown from a small garage in Warwickshire, Ed Perkin now finds itself located in Manchester. Our mission at Ed Perkin is to provide customers with only the most premium stock sourced globally and independently. With previous experience within vintage retail, Ed Perkin deeply understands client needs from a wholesale perspective and what they expect to receive in quality.

We are a tight-knit team whose goals and morals align closely with one another as we plan to become the one stop solution for premium vintage wholesale; not only within the UK but across the globe.

Here at Ed Perkin, we strongly recognise the need for sustainable responsibility in the way we operate and strive in all areas to improve our modes of working. All our orders are shipped in either cardboard boxes or recycled plastic, and we strongly encourage you to continue to recycle these materials when disposing of them. 

We also offer solutions for customers who would like to create custom items for their audience. With our own rework collection including bags, hats and sweatshirts we use damaged rag from our factories and give the items a second life. We want to inspire our clients not to follow the crowd and approach us with new ideas that are bespoke to their business.